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Why is The Big Bang Near Me a great day out?

Seeing science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) brought to life

The Big Bang Near Me demonstrates how STEM subjects are fun, interesting, open to all, and how they can lead to surprising careers. That might be through the science of sound waves and music technology, the biology of the body in sports science, the engineering behind a Formula 1 car, or the maths behind magic tricks.

The Near Me Fairs have strong classroom and curriculum links to inspire students, spark a passion, improve their classroom motivation, and open their eyes to new possibilities.

Discovering local companies, future job opportunities and study courses

We know it’s great for a students’ motivation if they’re aware of the relevance and importance of their subjects to their future education or career. At The Big Bang Near Me students will find hands-on activities run by vital local organisations.

 Students can meet companies who are recruiting for the future and find out what they do. They can chat with universities exhibiting their pioneering research, find out about local college courses, and much more.

Meeting professional engineers and scientists

Environmental scientists, nuclear engineers, physicists, sports scientists, astronomers, software engineers – these are the kind of STEM professionals you’ll find at The Big Bang Near Me (and many more). They’re full of enthusiasm and keen to speak to students to tell them all about their jobs!

Building confidence

Maybe your students already have an interest in STEM – perhaps they’ve produced a fantastic science, technology, engineering or maths project that they can demonstrate. Young people across the region bring their school, home or STEM club projects to The Big Bang Near Me and improve their presentation skills – a vital skill for scientists and non-scientists.

Students tell us they find it really helpful to discuss their projects with professional engineers and scientists. It also gives them an opportunity to meet other like-minded young people from across the region.

Celebrating achievement and winning prizes

There are loads of prizes and awards on offer at The Big Bang Near Me. The best projects (up to 10 per fair) are chosen to compete at the national finals of the National Science + Engineering Competition, which is held at The Big Bang UK Young Scientists & Engineers Fair, our annual national event in March.

There are plenty more prizes on offer at Near Me fairs, including the CREST Awards, Young Engineer for Britain prizes, STEM Club prizes and other regional subject and skills specific prizes too.

Have a great day out!

Nine out of ten students rated the fair that they attended “good” or “very good”.

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