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Big Bang @ TFL, London Underground Engineering and Skills Academy 2018

TfL Stratford Skills Academy
Stratford Skills Academy
Burford Road
E15 2SP
Friday, 05 Oct 2018
Opening hours for visitors: 09:30 - 16:00

See inside this exciting new facility and meet some of the engineers who keep London moving

Key info

Organiser: TFL in partnership with Siemens and STEM Learning


Big Bang@ TfL Free event for Key Stage Level 3 (KS3) Students!

As part of TfL's celebrations for the Year Of Engineering, TfL are running a Big Bang Fair on 5 October.

Students can take part in activities over a two and half-hour period (AM Session: 09:30 – 12.30 or PM Session: 13:30 – 16.00, arriving 30 minutes before session start) and learn about TfL and meet some of TfL’s engineers who keep London moving, speak with STEM ambassadors about careers in the STEM industry, try out TfL’s immersive virtual Reality simulations or learn to code and route a small driverless car with Siemens to name a few of the free activities your students can explore.

This Big Bang fair will give students the chance to see inside this exciting new facility and meet some of the engineers who keep London moving.

Groups will be able to select and take part in five out of six 30 minute activities (20 students per activity) in either the AM or PM Session*, from the list below:  


Career matching 

Groups of 3-5 students will speak to different TfL engineers, including apprentices, graduates, and some of our more senior engineers, and ask them questions about their work and try to guess what their job is!

Virtual Reality (VR) 

Try out TfL’s immersive Virtual Reality simulations, featuring the chance to have a go on our train driving simulator and experiencing the inside of our virtual cab.

London Transport Museum Circuit Challenge 

Build snap circuits and learn about how important electrical circuits are to our everyday lives.

Transport Network Engineering Activity

Developed by our Youth Panel, this activity gives an insight into how transport network engineers work. In groups, students will be tasked with creating a transport network to link up several towns. They will have a budget and several environmental considerations to contend with.

Effective communication

Learn how to design graphs and charts that communicate effectively based on an understanding of how our eyes and brains work.

Siemens code a small driverless car

Students get to learn how to code and route a small driverless car while testing out their coding abilities.

*Each session has capacity for up to 120 students