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Big Bang @ Leyton Sixth Form College 2018

Leyton Sixth Form College
Essex Rd
E10 6EQ
Friday, 27 Apr 2018

Leyton Sixth Form College are running a Big Bang event for students from local primary and secondary schools on Friday 27 April 2018


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The event will comprise a wide range of interesting and inspiring science, technology, engineering and mathematics demonstrations and hands on activities for GCSE students from local schools to engage with.  These will be conducted by teachers and students from Leyton Sixth Form College as well as some from external organisations.  In addition to new and exciting applications of science your students will receive an insight into careers in STEM.


Some examples of what will be included in the event:

A 7 m dome from Immersive Theatres to showcase various aspects of science and astronomy

Dinosaur fossils exhibit

Meteorite exhibits

DNA extraction 

Measuring ionising radiation

Programming robots to shoot

Platonic solids

Why are there only 5 regular polyhedral?

External participations include: London Metropolitan University, QMUL, Kingston University, Royal Holloway University, Oxford-Brookes University, University of Westminster, City University of London, STEM Ambassadors.

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