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Big Bang @ Sacred Heart High School, Hammersmith 2018

Sacred Heart High School
Hammersmith Road
W6 7DG
Thursday, 15 Mar 2018

Big Bang @ Sacred Heart High School in Hammersmith, is a week long celebration of all things STEM!

Key info

Organiser: Sophia Acker


An off curricular week packed full of different projects on the theme of science week, exploration and discovery. Big Bang Careers day on 15th March. We are having lessons throughout the week off curriculum based on different projects and on the theme of science week exploration and discovery

Years 7 - 10 will be engaged in STEM based activity lessons throughout the week

Years 9 - 10 will experience Careers Day, 15 March 2018 

Years 12-13 will be assisting in the careers day Thursday 15th March, also organising whole school 

Whole school will be engaged in Quizzes and Competitions based on STEM.