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Big Bang @ University of Surrey 2018

University of Surrey
Alexander Fleming Road
Wednesday, 07 Feb 2018
Opening hours for visitors: 09:30 - 15:30

Key info

Organiser: Hillcroft School


For the second year running the Glyn Learning Foundation (GLF) is holding its Science Fair Grand Final at the University of Surrey. Children from over 20 Primary and Secondary Schools will be coming to the University to exhibit science projects that they have independently produced at home. In addition to being able to show off their love and enthusiasm for the science the children will be treated to a day of fantastic science demonstrations and hands-on activities.

Businesses/Activity Providers who support this event will have the opportunity to inspire and motivate 250 children to pursue careers in STEM. The event is also attended by parents. At the first event over 300 parents came so it provides an excellent marketing opportunity as well. In addition there will be the Teachers/Heads from over 20 schools who will all be keen to network and make new contacts. If you are interested, please email Tom Holloway on