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Activities (paid)

STEM days & Outreach Providers (if you have some money to spend?): 

  • Science Museum Outreach – offering a number of shows and workshops for £400 per day.

  • Smallpeice Trust STEM days - variety of full or half day activities for different age groups (£595 plus travel expenses)

  • Aspire STEM Events – whole day guided STEM challenges from a dedicated team (from £525 per day)
  • Young Engineers Challenge events – STEM challenge events provided at your school (£445 plus travel expenses)

  • Happy Puzzle Company Challenge Days – Programmes of hands-on maths-related puzzle activities for students to work on in groups. (from £445 to £595 + VAT)

  • Detective Project - Forensic science-based events that explore the way in which crime is investigated (£295 for a half day, £495 for a full day to include all props and equipment)

  • NRICH Hands On Maths Roadshow - a collection of hands-on mathematical puzzles, games and activities designed by the NRICH team at the University of Cambridge that can be brought to schools. (£595 full day, £415 half day + travel expenses)

  • RSC’s Spectroscopy in a Suitcase  – a whole set of portable IR and NMR machines to deliver sessions with the students (often have a long waiting list so book well in advance!)  

Free activities

Looking for some examples of FREE workshops and interactive stands that you can include in your Big Bang event?

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