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How it works

In order to continue funding the Near Me Programme, we need to document which schools have hosted and attended Big Bang events and also prove that we are positively effecting STEM outreach across the UK.

  • Please note: we do not require names of the students. We just need to know the school name, year group, gender and number of pupils that attend your fair so we can add it to our records. We will set up an easy to use registration link to help make this process as easy as possible for you.
  • Evaluating the fairs is very important to us so we can make sure the Big bang fairs are having positive effect. We might ask you to evaluate the fair. We can supply you with a short quiz with iPads on the day that takes under 5 minutes to fill in so we can evaluate a small percentage of students asking the following questions (link?). This process could also be a huge advantage to you in terms of raising sponsorship and awareness for parents and the community.

Working with The Big Bang Team

Your main Big Bang event contact will be via one of our expert Delivery Partners in your region. They have knowledge of local outreach organisations and experience in running STEM events. Although the Big bang event will be driven by you and your team, your regional Delivery Partner can help by:

  • General help and advice
  • Creating an event page on our website for you
  • Linking you to local outreach activities and shows across all STEM subjects and advising on workshops and shows
  • Suggest competition and project ideas if you want that to be a component
  • Event strategy advise, including finding out what good looks like for your school
  • Supplying you with editable Big Bang event templates such as celebration certificates, posters, flyers, show guides
  • Supplying you with Big Bang flags and banners on the day so your school has the look and feel of a Big Bang
  • Giving you cost effective ideas for activities and how you could creatively use every area your school campus
  • Help supply you with STEM ambassadors

You will be expected to drive the following:

  • Contacting and liaising with the outreach activities to get them to come to your event and providing them with times, parking information etc.
  • Booking the classrooms and spaces for the event. Completing internal Health and Safety documents.
  • Inviting feeder and neighbouring schools if you wish to invite them (we can supply you with contacts)
  • We advise that you create a cross department team and have meetings to drive ideas, workload and links. The Delivery Partner can phone into this meeting to give advice.
  • Contacting local press using our links and marketing help documents
  • Using our free careers materials
  • Ask parents or STEM networks to bring in additional ambassadors for the day

If you have any questions about running a Big Bang or would like further clarity on our free service please contact us on

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If you have any questions about running a Big Bang or would like further clarity on our free service please contact us on