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Careers and the Near Me programme

We want everyone who comes to a Big Bang Near Me or a Big Bang@event to understand how important scientists and engineers really are… they literally shape the world around us!  The number of exciting career possibilities that exist within science, technology, engineering and maths are endless and the best news is, there’s a route for everyone. Whether you want to learn on the job, go to college, go to university or combine all three, you can start planning your own path now.

Each Near Me fair will have careers at the forefront with lots of free careers materials available to read and take home, real engineers and scientists from local businesses to speak to and ask questions and there may also be the opportunity to take part in our ‘Meet the Future You’ careers networking activity with local STEM Ambassadors.

STEM Careers

Could you see yourself rebuilding disaster-struck communities, creating dazzling special effects for film, inventing apps that transform our lives or making sure there’s enough food for everyone in the world? Or perhaps you’d like to go down in history for designing iconic buildings, making awe-inspiring advancements in technology, discovering planets or identifying crucial genetic codes?

Whether you decide to go to college, do an apprenticeship, apply for university or combine different routes, if you’re passionate about making a difference to the world, then a career in science or engineering could be for you. Take part in our ‘Whose crew are you’ quiz to find out the crew and career that’s right for you.

Real jobs

The best way to understand what people who work in science and engineering do is for them to tell you.  Explore the real jobs on our Tomorrow’s Engineers website to help you understand what people working in science and engineering do on a daily basis and let them inspire you into a career in STEM.



Real jobs

Patty Srinath is an engineer in Nike's Digital Sports department where they make products like training watches.

Read all about her job and many more on our Real jobs pages!