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Big Bang @ Pembrokeshire

Bridge Innovation Centre
Pembrokeshire Science and Technology Park
Pembroke Dock
SA72 6UN
Wednesday, 18 Oct, 2017
Opening hours for visitors: 09:30-14:30

This year's Big Bang @Pembrokeshire is taking place on Wednesday 18th October and is open to all primary and secondary schools.

Big Bang @Pembrokeshire

This year's Big Bang @Pembrokeshire is taking place on Wednesday 18th October and is open to all primary and secondary schools.  

The event is FREE to attend, however please note that places are limited and therefore pre-booking is essential!

To register your school's interest, please email us at

The following workshop slots are available for pre-booking:

Science Made Simple – Who wants to be a superhero? (Primary schools)

Just what exactly do scientists and engineers do? How do planes fly?  How can we see through the dust in space? How do engineers make playgrounds safer to play in?  How are they saving the planet?

Science Made Simple – Engineering for Life: From the Cradle to the Grave (Secondary schools)

How can engineering let us see inside ourselves, make our lives safer, and push the boundaries of science? This exciting presentation, with lots of demonstrations and audience interaction, reveals how engineering improves our quality of life from before we’re born! Watch a live ultrasound scan, discover how engineers can 3D print a new hip joint, and even how we can preserve our bodies after death!

Jaguar 2D Challenge – In this exciting and hands-on session pupils will make their own racing cars from a paper net and race them on a 20 metre

F1 in Schools 3D Challenge – Pupils get to see the digital manufacturing process and assemble a pre-made 3D racing car before racing it on the 20 metre track.

Night Sky Planetarium – Pupils will spend 45 minutes with Mr Rob Woodman who will run a night sky planetarium. The wonders of the universe will unfold under Mr Woodman’s exciting stargazing personality – Professor Brian Cox – eat your heart out!

What could be more exciting than a state-of-the-art digital planetarium complete with stunning visual shows designed by professional astronomers? Dark Sky Wales is proud to offer the latest in planetarium technology housed in our inflatable dome. The planetarium, which can accommodate up to 35 children.

All of our planetarium shows are delivered by professional astronomy educators, who will take the audience on a guided mythological tour of the heavens or provide tailored shows to your needs. All the while, the audience is immersed in a spectacular visual and audio experience.

Dr Sarah Beynon Dr Beynons Bug Farm

Dr Sarah Beynon of Dr Beynons Bug Farm will be talking about insect ecology  and bringing along some wriggly guests to look at.

Air rockets

Air powered rockets have the ‘wow’ factor for many learners with good designs capable of attaining amazing altitudes.  Moreover this workshop is a novel way of delivering science and technology based learning to primary and Secondary Schools throughout Wales.  Secondary schools .

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